Dramatherapy for trainees

                                                  Group dramatherapy for trainee dramatherapists 

                                          September/October 2020 - July 2021

I am working towards forming a group for trainee dramatherapists from the start of the next academic year. This will be held in city-centre Manchester. Easily accessible by road or rail, in the past this location has enabled students coming from as far afield as Stoke on Trent and Newcastle upon Tyne to meet and form a large enough group to give participants a meaningful and beneficial therapeutic experience.

I am a very experienced group facilitator. I have extensive experience of teaching, including eleven years in higher education as part of a team training actors. I have run many groups in the UK and abroad fusing personal development and creative - expressive work. All this in addition to having substantial experience of offering inidividual and group dramatherapy to trainee dramatherapists. I see the therapy students undertake alongside their training as a crucial complementary process in their development as well as a potentially powerful source of support. I do my utmost to offer alert and sensitive presence, and to engage with consideration and care.    

If interested in being part of this group please contact me for further details.

I also have some availability to offer individual dramatherapy to trainee dramatherapists, arts therapists and play therapists.